Wednesday, June 8


Ask yourself truthfully, do you ever:

- Need attention and feel anxious when you don't get it?
- Worry about a woman's interest towards you?
- Strategise and play games to keep a woman interested?
- Hope for or expect sex from a woman?
- Feel the need to compete with or prove yourself to others?
- Say or do things to try and impress a woman or increase her interest?
- Hold conversations with an outcome in mind?

The harsh truth is if you do any of these things you are not ready to handle women and you are setting yourself up to be shot down. If a woman is really interested in you, you will find your interaction with her easy, natural and enjoyable. If it's not, back off and find something else to occupy your mind. It's a lot easier to find a woman that likes you a lot, than make one that doesn't like you enough to change her mind. And beleive me, if a woman really likes you, SHE WILL LET YOU FIND OUT EASILY.

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