Wednesday, June 1


No one is perfect, no one. And deep down, we all know this.
So someone who tries too hard to be perfect is CLEARLY covering something up.
But people get so caught up on wanting to make a great impression, that their impression is so sterilized, so anti-septic, so devoid of «potentially damaging» content, that there is NOTHING left. No «juice» left to the vibe.
It’s important to give people the chance to see your flaws. Give them a chance to REJECT you. Don’t go out of you way to screw yourself up, but a flaw can often
be your best friend if it came out naturally. More importantly, if you’re «in» and accepted with your flaw, you will feel so much more connected to the one you are with.
As opposed to hiding it and living that kind of attitude of fear.
This is not about HOW to get women. That’s pretty easy. It’s about HOW to get the RIGHT women.
For this is the only way to truly give a chance for REAL acceptance.
Of course, you need to be your BEST,but that does not mean trying to come across as perfect or fake or hiding things about yourself.
And think about it:
If you give someone a chance to reject you,
Let’s say, by allowing your crazy sense of humor to come through, or your personal ideas about something else intriguing, you are actually saying that you have enough
self worth to be prepared to accept someone’s else’s rejection of you.
And THAT actually effectively, EMOTIONALLY, INDIRECTLY, says that you DO have value and you beleive in yourself.
Tarantino said something like,
"If you haven't written something that embarrasses
you in your writing, then you haven't done your job".

PS. This is not a fuckin' technique about getting laid or not. It's about JUST BEING YOUR TRUE SELF AND DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU.
PS 2. Μη φοβάσαι, δεν με καθυστερείς. Δεν μου παίρνει πάνω από 5 λεπτά για να γράψω κάτι τέτοιο. Γιατί πολύ απλά δεν το σκέφτομαι, το ξέρω ήδη.

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