Tuesday, May 31

The only truth is happiness / Why thinking positive is not enough


Happiness is impossible until your mind is free. Too many people are shackled to their cultures belief of how you should live. Are you happy working 8 hours a day 5 days a week? Do you think you need cars and expensive clothes, shoes, and all kinds of other bullshit to be happy? Yes, you CAN like them and pursue them, but you don’t need them.

Challenge these beliefs. You are a christian because your parents were christian. If your parents were buddhist you would be buddhist and you would not question it. Understand the reason for this is because people have a tendency not to consider other possibilities and work only with what they know.

The unknown is feared and explanations are made for it, whether they are fact based or completely made-up. The paradox? Although some people consider themselves positive, they let the fear of the uknown (or sociopolitically incorrect) rule their lives. And fear=negativity.

Question your religion, question your culture, question the others, question yourself. Fuck, question the sun that rises every day.

The only truth is happiness.

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