Thursday, May 12


1. Desire

The inner want to do something, its like, I cant resist not doing this or going after this.

Not desperation, but desire.

2. Wisdom

The truth behind the facts. Not knowledge, with is just facts and information. Wisdom is the bigger picture, the unrevealed battery that ACTUALLY drives the car behind the bigger battery.

3. Boldness

Sprounting from a secret INVISIBLE protection or shield around you. A person not affected by outside factors, because of this shield, so the result is the person is self-centered and takes over the scene, without asking for permission. It is like an inner conviction in the person, they know they are right, thus, outside obstacles become childs play to them. This is boldness.

These are the three things to life. The truth about life. The end above all ends. If you contain these three, then, THERE IS NOTHING OR NO ONE OR NO SITUATION IN HELL......THAT CAN STOP YOU FROM ACHIEVING OR HAVING WHAT YOU WANT.

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