Tuesday, June 7


Look around you today, and I guarantee you are surrounded by people with no F*CKING DREAMS! People that sleep through life and live only through debilitating fantasy - porn, tv, video games, browsing the internet etc. Ask these people how to change the world for the better, how to be happy, who they are, what they believe the meaning of life is and they can't say a fuckin' word. They just don't know; they have no idea and no idea how to find meaning in their miserable life. And the irony of this? Just because they don't (or can't) think macroscopically, they come across as being cool...

Live life the way you want to live it. Fight for what you believe in. But also realise that not everything can or should be explained. So, stop overanalyzing, and just try to make yourself better, in every possible way and in every situation. People who have real value, attract really valuable things to them. The rest, chase after them.

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