Monday, May 30


Μπήκες σε σχέση. Μονογαμική. Μετά από 9 μήνες dating. Και ΑΥΤΗ σου το είχε ζητήσει. Οπότε, τα πράγματα είναι απλά (αν ήσασταν free to fuck around, δεν θα υπήρχε κανένα πρόβλημα). Οι επιλογές σου είναι τρεις:

1) You call her up and get her back there RIGHT NOW. End this "θέλω κι'άλλες εμπειρίες" nonsense and tell her you're tired of this crap and if she's not coming back, you're ready to move on. If she's not coming back, then my man, she wasn't right for you afterall. I mean, if she really did like you, she'd be running back after hearing that. Put yourself in the situation and listen to your brain.

2) DITCH HER RIGHT NOW. Just get up, go outside. Have one smoke, clear your mind, relax your muscles, call her up and say "Κόψε τις μαλακίες. Αν δεν ξέρεις τί σου γίνεται μετά από τον ένα χρόνο που είμαστε μαζί, μπορείς να ζήσεις τη ζωή σου και να με αφήσεις ήσυχο. Τέλος". Finish her off. If she means something to you as a person (think about it very carefully), keep her as a casual friend. Simple as that.

OR... can take the LAST option. That dreaded blue pill, where you run back into the hole of possibility and hope, the one where you don't have to look at what you really NEED to see and blinded by the desire to be wanted by this girl who doesn't want you. You can sit around and just WAIT. Tear your heart apart and throw it against the wall. Imagining your women out there hunting out other men just to make sure you're good enough. Or just to prove that you are not good enough. Well my man, I tell you this now. You ARE good enough, and if she can't see that she just clearly does NOT DESERVE YOU. And if you man up, you'll see that in about 20 seconds.

You're a man, you know what you want. You have every will to go out there and take it.

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